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How to Play HORSE Poker

HORSE Poker is one of the foremost tough variations of the game which will be contend, earning it the nickname The despised Game” among proficient players. despised or not, HORSE is quickly making an enormous splash on the proficient poker scene, in big 0.5 as a results of its a game that separates beingness professionals from the amateurs. HORSE Poker is actually a mixed game tournament that consists of five utterly totally different types of poker combined in an exceedingly} very single game. The poker games that ar combined to make HORSE Poker are: (H) Holdem (O) Omaha (R) Razz  [ Read More ]

Jacks or Better: play and thrill

Are you a fan of video poker? Do you thrill when you hear the name of that? Do you like to bet your fate with your excellent sense? If yes, then you must play the game ‘Jacks or better’, which is the free online poker game for you. The origins of Jacks or Better poker are uncertain and mysterious. Many claim themselves as the founder of the game. For example, the Indians claim that it is originated from the game ‘Pukka’ of India. On the other hand, the French claim the game to be originated from the French ‘Poque’ game  [ Read More ]