Best Slot Machine Games

Best Slot Machine Games

Video Slots vs. 3 Reel Slot Machines

Slot games are not very complicated and they are simple and easy to play, which is why they are popular with online casino players. However, there are two main types of slot machines, which are 3 reel slot games and video slot games.

3 Reel Slot Games

These slot games are like the original mechanical slot games and at online casinos, you will usually find a section that is dedicated to these old-school machines. A Random Number Generator is used to replicate the old form of slot machines. These games are called 3 reel slots or classic slots.

The simplest 3 reel slot game has just one payline that runs across one row. There are some 3 reel slots that will have three paylines, which run horizontally. However, the most complex payline structure for these types of slot games is five payline ones. In these slot games, three paylines run horizontally and two will run diagonally.

You will find that the majority of 3 reel slot games are based on land-based games of the same kind. These usually feature bright fruit symbols and other old-school symbols like bells.

Video Slot Games

You will find hundreds of video slot games at online casinos. They are also called multi-line slots and 5 reel slots. Video slots usually have three rows of symbols and five reels. This allows for more combinations, which makes video slots more exciting and interesting than 3 reel slot games.

Originally, video slot games only had 5 paylines, but this has changed and now video slots can have a number of paylines that can go in all directions.

All Pays or Ways to Win is a new development that doesn’t have defined paylines. With these video slots like symbols can appear on successive reels anywhere. 243 ways to win occurs in slot games that have five reels and three rows across and four rows will have 1024 ways to win.

Video slots are also more visually appealing as they use the best graphics, sounds and also offer bonus games. Video slots are often themed and you will find animal themes, mythology themes, movies and TV themes and plenty more.

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